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12 months, 12 charities, 12 challenges ….. #AMEGiveback2019

ICT Systems engineer

Hi my name is Amy from AME Solutions

Most of you will know of me as a proud Exonian and for my love of animals.

My dog Moss passed away a year and a half ago at the fine age of 14 …. losing her made me realise how much she took me out of my comfort zone, challenged me on cold days, had a lot of fun and dedicated valuable time each day together.

I’m still not ready for another four legged friend in my life ‘yet’ (but do threaten my boyfriend I will arrive home with a new addition LOL), I have chosen to adapt that time in the form of helping and raising awareness of our amazing local charities – 12 months, 12 charities, 12 challenges and needed a #Team to help me #AMEGiveback2019.

I will be sharing my journey with you and hope that you enjoy seeing the happiness and pain (in equal measures) that myself and the AME Team go through for these #Charities that mean so much to so many of us in #Exeter.

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