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The best things in life are often the simplest

digital marketing

I have been involved in digital marketing now for over 18 years.

At Accord Marketing we work every day in an industry driving innovation, but it never fails to amaze me how often people lose sight of the simplest, and arguably most important, aspects of campaign activity.

A week is a long time in politics, but an age in digital marketing. Here a few simple wins from last week:

1. Sometimes lower CPC = more traffic and more business.

Recently, a new business win engaged in a thorough on-boarding process to allow analysis of their past PPC activity. They loyally followed what GA was telling them, focusing on the keywords that were converting and aspiring for maximum impression share and position. This, however, came at a cost, as bid inflation ate up more and more of the budget. Sales both fell and became more expensive.

Our initial suggestion was to reduce CPCs (on average by 40%) from 98p to 58p, driving more traffic instantly and switching back on some of the keywords that common sense determined must be appropriate.

The result? Overnight, sales rose above previous levels and cost per sale fell from £59 to £38.

2. Focus on your primary form/booking process, it pays dividends.

A simple AB test adding a green or red validation to a client’s form saw a reduction of errors of 77%. More valid enquiries = more conversions.

Accord enquiry form

3. Meta titles are important… still!

A client recently had switched to an SEO agency with a focus on page content renewal and aggressive outreach strategy – not a problem in itself!

But certainly, one when major keywords began to fall down or off the SERPs.

A review by our team identified that the new meta titles were ignoring those business-critical keywords and a reversal of meta changes saw a speedy return to 1st page rankings within days.

4. Please, please, please… set up your tracking properly.

A business wanted to start work with us and we looked to review campaign KPIs.

To our shock, we found conversion rate was three times as good as any benchmark from our client base of 150+ travel clients.

Our Data Analysis team stepped in and found multiple erroneous GA codes on conversion pages, meaning they were treble counting and discounting historically other media from their mix – because it didn’t perform to PPC levels!

5. Finally… but most importantly.

We have proved that macaroons are 17% better at generating sign-ups when compared to sandwiches.

comparing afternoon tea ads


Written by Accord West’s Agency Director, Simon Gear.