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Preventing people problems – “Beware the Office Christmas Party”



Last year our Company’s Christmas party ended up with two employees fighting, one manager flirting outrageously with the new marketing assistant and three people off the next day with hangovers. How do I stop this happening?


If the Government really wants to reduce the number of tribunal claims it would ban work Christmas parties – they are more often than not an HR nightmare with a common theme being that staff with six beers inside them decide this is the right time to tell the boss what they think of them.

Employers and employees have to remember that the Christmas party counts as an extension of work, therefore all the same laws – for example discrimination, bullying and harassment – still apply.

Businesses need to have appropriate policies in place and staff need to understand the implications, so everyone can relax and enjoy the evening.

Next time you are organising an office party, send an e-mail to everyone involved spelling out the ground rules – for example, no drugs, no pinching bottoms and definitely no antics with the photocopier.

Ensure that you cater for the needs of all staff so you don’t face discrimination claims after the event and you might want to think about not drinking yourself and being alert for their first signs of trouble.

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