Empowering Presence training for Entrepreneurial Executives and Experts to sustain success and resolve stress.

You’re swimming in a flood. Your head is just above the water and your view is very limited.

We stand on the bank and can see where the white water and calm ponds are, and we can also see the success stream where you can sustain your flow without drowning.

We have the experience and expertise of over 20 years training and 40 years public presenting, to empower your Professional and Personal Presence, establishing your position where you can make most Impact and Influence in your world.

SubSkills are the little things you do subconsciously to get what you want, creating Commanding Confidence, Profitable Presence, and gaining Intuitive Influence.

Consulting, networking, negotiating, selling, speaking and training are all tasks of leadership that can be pleasure or a downward dragging drudge, and that is a choice.

We bring to the table cutting edge bespoke solutions, strategy and skills to rekindle the mojo and excitement and make swimming sublime again.

Give yourself fifteen minutes to discover how you can start with us and book a quick callback from the website.

Developers of:

MindSTYLE Psychometrics
Pro-Suasion art of Professional Influence
Publishers of several personal development and business books.

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