i2i Development Solutions

i2i Development Solutions Ltd is a Leadership, Management and Coaching consultancy and education provider.

At i2i we are passionate about helping Organisations, and the people that work in them unlock potential and realise their aspirations.

It is incredibly important to invest in people for it’s the people in a business that are the difference that make the difference.

We at i2i design and create leadership and team development programmes that are exciting and meet the needs of our customers.

These can also include ILM qualifications in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring ranging from level 2 to 7.

We often create and delivers sessions that can support a working lunch or a company conference through to programmes that provide long-term support to teams, line management and senior leadership in a business.

We are blessed to have a broad client base which includes some of the country’s largest Organisations through to supporting small teams and entrepreneurs.

“We are all better than we know – and if only we can be shown this we may never settle for anything less” – Kurt Hahn

A Mind 4 Adventure is the sister organisation to i2i Development Solutions Ltd.

A Mind 4 Adventure is a passionate about supporting the learning, development and growth of individuals.

We provide support to organisations and individuals who want coaching and to explore their own emotional wellbeing.

Running course that are open to the general public to attend for their own personal growth and also running training course for those that want to learn how to be a Coach, Public Speaker or be a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) professional.

Beck & Call UK – Business support services

Welcome to Beck & Call Business support services

At Beck and Call – Business support services, we help busy professionals get organised and reach their goals. Imagine the relief and benefits you will receive when we free-up your time with our services such as Personal Assistance, Marketing Solutions, Business Management, Events and Project Management.

With 15 years in business, we are certain we can provide a solution to your request.


The services we provide help to free up your time for income-producing tasks. You can also feel confident, that all your peripheral tasks are being taken care of, worry-free, by our Beck & Call team, not to mention the fact that you will have the opportunity to reach your business goals faster.


Because too many business owners, especially in the start of a new business, feel that they would save money by doing all the necessary admin jobs in their business or by keeping the jobs in-house, however this hampers business growth, and takes the focus off income-producing tasks or prevents staff from getting on with their regular jobs, but most importantly, it can halt important client work and/or business goals.

We help to free up your time by helping you in your business with our cost-effective services, but here’s the best bit, our services are self-paying in that we also help you on your business, with our marketing services.


Our services are mainly done virtually (meaning online), however, we’re not opposed to coming to your office to help with a specific or ongoing office administration or marketing projects.
We have also attended to provide direct marketing at trade shows and business fairs.


Our services are bespoke, so while our core hours are 9am to 5pm (UK time), we have worked with clients outside those hours, e.g. evenings and weekends.

We’ve also done minutes for at several board meetings in the evenings, and have worked at promoting clients’ products and services at trade shows.

Just phone us, as we are happy to discuss and arrange your special requirements.


Once we’ve ascertained your requirements, made recommendations, and determined the time it will take, you have the opportunity to purchase the required hours, and then we will set about carrying out the services you require, based on our discussion and your needs.