Momentum Incorporated

Momentum shows companies how to move beyond changing the structures, processes and systems to deliver a step change in the collective attitudes and behaviour of the people that operate within the organisation.

Our approach has been developed through 25 years + of practical research and an ever-deepening understanding into what degree employee psychology plays out in the organisational setting; including game changing insights on how individual and organisational paradigms drive sub-optimal behaviour and limit the organisation’s ability to evolve and stay competitive.

Established by Ashley Bookman, Momentum works with clients to significantly improve their performance, health and profitability. We have consistently seen how an organisation’s culture can be a major inhibitor in the company’s ability to deliver on its business ambitions.

Don’t expect a myriad of academic models and corporate talk, we are only interested in what will make a difference to the culture on the ground. Momentum is known for a unique systemic approach which underpins everything we do. Our IP includes the trademarks Task Orientation® and Systemic Business ImprovementTM.