Lifesaver Technology

What would we do?

Imagine a normal working day, friends, colleagues and customers all going about their daily business.

Life is good when everything runs smoothly isn’t it?

Suddenly, out of the blue, a shout for help is heard from another room, what’s happened?

Accidents and sudden illnesses are thankfully not a common occurrence, but they do happen, and always, when we least expect them!

Every business has someone trained in emergency first aid for just that reason, we all know it makes good sense, but can we help make things easier for the person delivering that vital care, and increase the chances of a successful outcome? 


The installation of defibrillators is now commonplace, they are vital for someone suffering cardiac arrest, a very rare event, but they do nothing for the individual that suffers a heart attack, stroke, severe asthma attack, allergic reaction, bleed, shock, faint, fall, or any other illness or accident. 

Oxygen equipment has been used in medical emergencies for many, many years, without oxygen the body cannot survive. 

The Lifesaver Technology Oxygen Unit is unique in the UK, it has been designed to provide the business first aid staff with a safe, simple to operate unit, without the concerns that are associated with the standard kits used by professionals. 

Now, by carrying portable oxygen to the emergency, your first aider can help keep your friend, colleague or customer stable while waiting for the ambulance.

Its safe, its simple, with a nominal cost, the biggest question a business should ask is,