Kate Ashmore | SWBC HR Mentor

The world of work has changed. It’s time to rebel

I’M Kate Ashmore and following a very happy and successful career as a HR professional, spanning over 20years, I am now the Founder of Rebel HR and a self-employed Coach.

Why Rebel?  Well, I believe that the world of work has changed, but the way we work has not.  Well not until recently, anyway!  The global pandemic has made us sit back and reflect on where we were and where we want to be; especially when it comes to work.  Now is truly the time for business leaders to get rebellious and embrace what the new normal could look like.

Being a progressive, positive, experienced and down-to-earth individual, I am on a mission to support business leaders who value their people and their culture and want to create truly great places to work. 

I work with businesses to help navigate and remove the ‘HR red tape’ and provide the right interventions and support so that Leaders and Managers can grow and nurture brilliant cultures that ensure great results and make work a positive experience for everyone.

I’ve worked for companies such as Boston Tea Party, United Biscuits, Heinz, Energizer and ASK Italian; all of which have taught me about the opportunities and challenges different types of business have and how the right culture can make all the difference. 

As your HR Mentor I will be answering and commenting on your HR questions, topics,… Join me very Tuesday in our Facebook Group for #TalentsTuesday




Kate Ashmore