BBX UK Southwest

Does your business have Spare Capacity? If you have products you would like to sell more of, or time in your business to look after new customers, you have spare capacity.

So what do you do with it? Most people do nothing, which means they earn nothing either.

What if you could find an organisation that would sell that spare capacity for you on a no win no fee basis?

BBX UK The Business Bank Exchange is here, launched in the UK in 2014 it is part of the fastest growing Cashless Trading Platform in the world.

Not new

It has been around since 1993 and there are over 96,000 businesses on the Global platform waiting to trade.

Sell to India, buy from China? Or just want to grow your cash business and trade with more people in the UK? You choose.

You can either buy and sell to business using the online directory or let us offer your Spare Capacity and trade it for you.

What we are looking for

We are currently looking for Hotels, Pubs, and Restaurants, Printers, Electricians and Plumbers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Service Providers to name but a few. We have work waiting NOW for all trades and professions.

If you are currently looking to grow your business, in all probability, we have work waiting for YOU.

Our Ambassador Program lets you recommend an account to others and earn a regular monthly cash reward for doing so.

It’s exciting, it’s different and it’s a Bank account that provides 0% credit.  Don’t you think you need to be there?

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