James White | SWBC Sales Mentor

My name is James White and I am a Sales Mentor and Sales Trainer.

I work with successful small service-based businesses who want to improve their sales skills and knowledge to ACHIEVE even greater success.

I ensure the entrepreneurs and business owners I work with achieve the sales targets they have by providing support, training, knowledge, advice, and motivation to turn targets into actual numbers.

I use the 3 models I have developed, TRACKFARE, DRIVER and CONVERT to ensure you have the right foundations, skills and journey in place to convert more prospects into customers!

I give business owners that want better even results accountability and I track progress on a monthly basis through personalised and tailored plans.

I hold those I work with to account to ensure they achieve better sales results.

Some are happy to settle for average results, whilst others are not! If you demand better of yourself and know that improvement comes from consistently learning and challenging yourself then we should talk.

Would you try to become a better golfer or musician without someone to teach you? No! The best use experts to help themselves get even better.

So why try to improve one of the most important skills in business without having someone to help you?

You can choose to continue as you are and not hit the growing targets you set or you can choose to get ‘Sales Fit’ and work with a sales professional and expert that understands what it takes to win new business consistently in the modern business world.

You can choose to stop feeling the constant end of month frustration that occurs as a result of not selling enough!

Think we should connect? Don’t wonder just ask!

As your Sales Mentor, I will be answering and commenting on your Sales questions and topics,… Join me every Thursday in our Facebook Group for #SalesThursday



James White