Preventing people problems: “Bad Weather Issues”

Q: I may be worrying unnecessarily but what do I do if my staff cannot get into work because of bad weather? A: I always think worry is like a rocking horse; it gives you something to do without getting you anywhere! Take action. Write a bad weather policy explaining it is your staff’s responsibility […]

Preventing people problems – “Loo Breaks”

Question: Can I deduct time from my staff for the time they spend taking loo breaks? Answer: A factory did this recently and it resulted in a tribunal claim for unlawful deduction from wages and sex discrimination from a pregnant worker who may need to use the loo more often than other colleagues. Naturally every […]

Event: Managing Conflict – HRDept Exeter

Managing Conflict None of us like to admit there are simmerings of conflict where we work, but at some point, if we haven’t already, we will all be faced with a conflict situation. Knowing what it is and how to deal with it is key to ensuring it doesn’t escalate. In this informative and interactive […]