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Grant Alert: Eureka Eurostars 

How do you know if your project is eligible for grant funding? 

If you’re unsure about what makes your project suitable for R&D grant funding, take a look at our latest video which outlines eligibility criteria.

Key Info 

Opens: Now
Funding Body: H2020
Funding Amount: Share of £2.5m
Deadline: 28th February 2019
Link: Follow the link to the fund 


Fund Details 

This competition is aimed at small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working on high-quality research and development (R&D) projects across national borders. These enterprises often find it difficult to attract public-sector funding. EUREKA Eurostars was set up to overcome this barrier to innovation. With its market-led approach, it encourages international collaborative research and innovation projects that will be rapidly commercialised.

Will UK companies still be eligible for H2020 funding?

This question needs to be answered in multiple parts. Firstly, until the end of Brexit negotiations, UK company eligibility is confirmed – that is end of March 2019. Secondly, the UK government has underwritten all funding secured through H2020 by end of March 2019. Thirdly, it is highly likely that UK companies will remain eligible for further H2020 funding round until the close of the programme in October 2020 – the UK has paid up and the legal cost of withdrawing the agreement is going to be far higher than simply completing this framework programme.

Is there evidence of this positive outlook?

Indeed there is. Innovate UK have recently published the latest Eurostars funding programme on their official website, the UK government have gone public about the underwriting of all funding from H2020 and we recently had a conversation with leading figures in Innovate UK and H2020 who both confirmed they were looking for a positive way to work together in the  future framework programmes (beyond October 2020).

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