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IT equipment

IT equipment is at the heart of every business but new technology does not come cheap, and purchasing IT equipment upfront isn’t financially sustainable for some businesses. Fortunately, IT equipment leasing and financing provides an ideal solution.

We can provide tailor-made IT leasing and finance options to your business, in order to fulfil your budgets, your time frames and ultimately ensure that your business has the IT equipment that you need. You can fund the total cost of the IT equipment including hardware and software and installation, for a monthly rental that your business can afford.

Asset finance is a good way to minimise or even remove upfront cost, providing you with flexibility to invest elsewhere in your business, on further assets or to support cash flow. Payment frequency and terms are agreed to suit your business needs and leasing is also highly tax efficient and can allow for 100% corporation tax relief.

Finance Options


Gives you access to and usage of a piece of equipment for an agreed cost, paid over an agreed period of time. This is effectively known as renting an asset. You will always have the option of an upgrade during the term.

Hire Purchase

If you want the option of owning the asset at the end of your agreement period, Hire Purchase gives your business the flexibility to do so. A popular option for assets that have high residual value. Hire purchase also enables you to benefit from your annual investment allowance.

If you are looking to source not only IT equipment but a solution for your business please contact us and we will be happy to assist and advise on the finance options for you.

AME Solutions provide IT solutions, support, services and training to organisations of all sizes that require an IT support company to be at the core of their business.