Member Referral Scheme

SWB Hub have launched a new referral incentive scheme for members. For every new member that an existing member introduces to the SWB Hub we will offer either a discount on your membership renewal or a free place at one of our paid networking events.

We strongly believe that with a large and supportive business community the South West's businesses can grow and prosper alongside our local economy, this scheme is aimed at achieving just that. It is in all our interests that we offer our experience, skill sets, contacts and services to one another to work together to innovate, collaborate and support each other and achieve our short-term and long term professional aspirations.

SWB Hub is dedicated to ensuring that the South West Business community is working together and growing, below are the details of this referral scheme.

For more information speak to our team: 01392 349 130


Money off your renewal

Discount on referrers annual subscription renewal based on size of directly introduced new members:

1-5          £10.00 off renewal

6-10       £20.00 off renewal

20-30     £50.00 off renewal

30+         £70.00 off renewal

(no cash alternative must be used against the next renewal invoice exc. VAT)

Free event

1 x Free Business Breakfast/  Lunch event (subject to availability)


Join the SWB Hub business community today and help your business engage, connect and grow