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More BBX Networking


You know how we like to keep our partners connected – so last week’s event was to get our Exeter people together for an informal gathering and what a pleasant evening we had!

Hosted at Venaspace situated at The Mount in Paris Street, they have recently opened their superb co-working space uniquely named “Down the Rabbit Hole” as they have done up the basement of the building to a fantastic standard, with high speed internet connection, break out areas, pool table and great food/bar area where you can help yourself to tea, coffee and prepare your own grub and on Friday’s there is beer! 


They also have a few small offices you can rent that they have called “hutches”!  A great theme running through here along with their “warren rules”.

We recently had the pleasure of Sundowners Café Bar in Exmouth coming into the community who very kindly catered for this event – some amazing tapas food, very delicious and so definitely worth a visit to their premises.  Catering for all requirements, vegan and non-vegan, there wasn’t a lot left by the end of the evening.  

We had our business card draw for a bottle of bubbly and if a partner brought a guest then a bottle of plonk is given as a thank you.

We had such an array of businesses in the room this evening, including a special guest who was visiting from the South East, so it was good for him to see what is on offer in the South West.

We actively encourage our partners to help at these events by hosting or catering to showcase their business and what they have to offer, and everyone was suitably impressed with what was on show that night.  A lot of business will be done on the back of this.


As we cover the south west, we aim to have our events in three locations – Exeter, Plymouth and Cornwall. 

Our next event will be in Cornwall on July 24th and already looking forward to bringing our Cornish partners together for an evening of good conversations, food and drink.

If your business has the capacity to take on more clients, then why not look at BBX to help you do that?  It costs nothing to look at the website and have a conversation with any of us!  Until the next time….