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Preventing People Problems: Do you employ a Mr Happy or a Mr Grumpy?

Preventing people problems

Q: My finance clerk is an absolute nightmare. He has been here for years and is nicknamed “Mr Happy” because he is so miserable and everything is a problem for him. I have just had one of the office staff in tears because he was so rude to her but she does not want to make things worse by taking out a grievance.

A: Time for a wake-up call, I would say. The problem is you have let him be like this for so long. Call him in and say enough is enough and that his attitude has to change.

Explain that making staff cry could be construed as bullying behaviour and you are looking for an immediate and permanent change in his attitude.

Set some targets which could be as simple as him saying good morning to everyone, then review his performance in a couple of weeks. Warn him that if there is no improvement you will be looking at disciplinary action against Mr Happy.


Via HRdept exeter

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Preventing people problems: “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”