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Teresa Bulford-Cooper, provided an interesting insight into how she can help businesses and individuals, working on enhancing their people communication skills and coaching needs. She offers clinical hypnotherapy to help conditions such as anxiety, fear of flying, heights and other phobias, having previously run a practice in Harley Street, London.

Teresa explained how she is able to help people communicate more effectively by using appropriate visual, kinaesthetic or auditory language, either verbally or in writing.

This talk was held at Exeter Golf and Country club for the Exeter PA networking group recently where Teresa chatted about the fun and games of being a hypnotherapist.

She entertained the audience with examples of some of the funniest, scariest and “interesting”clients she had seen over the last 14 years whilst practicing in Harley St and Devon, ranging from a notorious London gangsters son to a local Businessman who had a fear of travelling which was affecting his business.

For more details on how she can help you, contact her on 01363 775935;